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"May 18th was not so much a halt to Joy Division's journey to the core of darkness, what Ian Curtis froze her forever on the verge of a great discovery.
At least we can still travel with them to this place."
That's what Chris Born wrote in the New Musical Express periodical in 1980.

22.04.2022 Hermann Deine Erste Kerze - we remember, we do not forget

21.04.2022 Happy Birthday Robert 100 years :)

It doesn't matter if we all die Ambition in the back of a black car In a high building there is so much to do Going home time A story on the radio Something small falls out of your mouth And we laugh A prayer for something better A prayer for something better Please love me Meet my mother But the fear takes hold Creeping up the stairs in the dark Waiting for the death blow Waiting for the death blow Waiting for the death blow Stroking your hair as the patriots are shot Fighting for freedom on television Sharing the world with slaughtered pigs Have we got everything? She struggles to get away . . . The pain And the creeping feeling A little black haired girl Waiting for Saturday The death of her father pushing her Pushing her white face into the mirror Aching inside me And turn me round Just like the old days Just like the old days Just like the old days Just like the old days Caressing an old man And painting a lifeless face Just a piece of new meat in a clean room The soldiers close in under a yellow moon All shadows and deliverance Under a black flag A hundred years of blood Crimson The ribbon tightens round my throat I open my mouth And my head bursts open A sound like a tiger thrashing in the water Thrashing in the water Over and over We die one after the other Over and over We die one after the other One after the other One after the other One after the other One after the other It feels like a hundred years A hundred years A hundred years A hundred years A hundred years One hundred years

12.04.2022 Siwy to juz cztery lata grasz w Najwiekszej Orkiestrze Swiata...

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MACIEJ KOPROWICZ The Smiths. Piosenki o Twoim życiu
PAKIET Państwo Nikt – M. R. Makowski i M. Krzywicka cz. 1 i 2
R.A.P. - Front Page News (2xCD, Album, RM)

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IN SPITE OF          1999     LP                      2021

Drah                 Brud ‎ 12", EP                     2021  
Czarnobyl Zdrój      Chory Mózg... O Szczęściu ‎LP     2020

Am                   Ba ‎LP                            2020

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- CAVE NE CADAS "Era Of Rupture" LP
- SIMBIOSE "Banalization of Evil" (LP - Juin 2020)

- Ur-In-Stinkt / Noma ‎– Ur-In-Stinkt / Noma MC Split Tape

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- BLOWINS           2015-2020 CD

- WŁOCHATY          Bez wytchnienia CD

> PATOLOGIA CIĄŻY   Dziennik trwa CD
> OYATE             Uff … CD
> Czarnobyl Zdrój   Partyzancka Polska Młodzież ‎(CD)
> SCHIZMA           Ostatnia odsłona CD
> BULBULATORS       Homo Polonicus CD
> NON SERVIAM       Naserio CD
> MAMUSIU RATUJ     Ballada o… CD
> SZUMKOT           Naszyzm CD

a unique mixture of noisy deathrock gloom combined with some psychodelic flavors and garage surf riffs. FFO: The Birthday Party, The Fall, Bauhaus, Christian Death, Wipers, The Murder City Devils

New release from Nameless Creations - Upon God's Call LP 2019

Andrzej to dla Ciebie...

... bo wiem, że lubiłes

All For you

 We have drugs for you. We'll let you try

We also have frustration To make it easier to convince you

That's all you get. That you still need

Then we'll introduce bans and laws And we already have you.

We have vodka for you. For the joys and problems

We'll teach you how to drink To buy despite the price

We have warm jobs To work for us

We'll give you the money And you're already with us

We have a policy for you So that you can discuss

Then we'll all be fighting you all. To control you more easily

We have TV for you. We have a radio and hits.

To make it easier to divide you. To make it easier for you to rot.

We have immunity for you. And all the conveniences

Just come to us And bend your heads in humility


Author of the text: Andrjej Bursa

NIE KOCHAC (MUZY) TO NIE WIEDZIEC (NIC)_Gal Anonim or William Shakespeare

"Osiemnasty maja nie tyle zastopował podróż Joy Division do jądra ciemności,

co Ian Curtis zamroził ją na wieki na progu wielkiego odkrycia.

Przynajmniej wciąż możemy podróżować z nimi do tego miejsca"

Tak napisał Chris Born w periodyku "New Musical Express" w 1980 roku.

"Der 18. Mai stoppte nicht so sehr die Reise von Joy Division zum Kern der Dunkelheit.
wie Ian Curtis sie für immer eingefroren hat, am Rande einer großen Entdeckung.
Zumindest können wir mit ihnen immer noch bis zu diesem Ort reisen."
Das hat Chris Born 1980 in der Zeitschrift New Musical Express geschrieben.