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Fragmenty nagrań radiowych z różnych audycji

Excerpts from the various programmes

Progressive Psychodelic Post Rock & Stoner 2008-2012 - Radio Podcast

Progressive Psychodelic Post Rock & Stoner 2013-2017 - Radio Podcast

Pralka 23.02.2018 In Utero - Nirvana - Radio Podcast

Ranking 2017 Coldwave Post Punk Shoegaze - Radio Podcast

Intro - krótkie wprowadzenie

Audycja poswiecona Robertowi Brylewskiemu - Boczny tor

Anarchia w eterze tez dla Roberta 07.06.18

Pralka @ Radio Afera - Polish Radio Show.
post-rock, prog-rock, sludge, stoner, experimental, metal, post-metal, doom-metal...

Ścisły post. - Radio Afera

When heavy sounds are only the starting point, it is the beginning of the journey. Heavy doom to a tarry sludge. From post-rock spaces to shoegaze depression. Down the road, go for the black frost. A convoluted proclamation of the verse of noise aggression.

Radio Afera - Ścisły post. Mo, 07.11.16 - fragment

Doomed & Stoned - The Doom Chart Countdown!

Koncert w Trójce poswiecony Obywatelowi G. C.

Plebiscyt na utwory The Cure. Miejsca 1-8

Plebiscyt na utwory The Cure. Miejsca 9-15

Trójka - Depeche Mode - Spirit 1 - 18.03.17

Trójka - Depeche Mode - Spirit 2 - 18.03.17

Nawiedzone studio - Radio Afera

The attractiveness of the haunted Studio lies in the presentation of rock, both the most recent and the slightly older, up to the prehistory. A large fan, however, always on a certain condition: only compositions liked by the author or liked even more by him are involved.

Nawiedzone studio, 30.04.17

Nawiedzone studio, 23.04.17

Nawiedzone studio, 17.04.17

Nawiedzone studio, 09.04.17