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Fragmenty nagrań radiowych z różnych audycji

Excerpts from the various programmes

Progressive Psychodelic Post Rock & Stoner 2008-2012 - Radio Podcast

Progressive Psychodelic Post Rock & Stoner 2013-2017 - Radio Podcast

Pralka 23.02.2018 In Utero - Nirvana - Radio Podcast

Ranking 2017 Coldwave Post Punk Shoegaze - Radio Podcast

Intro - krótkie wprowadzenie

Audycja poswiecona Robertowi Brylewskiemu - Boczny tor

Anarchia w eterze tez dla Roberta 07.06.18

Pralka @ Radio Afera - Polish Radio Show.
post-rock, prog-rock, sludge, stoner, experimental, metal, post-metal, doom-metal...

Ścisły post. - Radio Afera

When heavy sounds are only the starting point, it is the beginning of the journey. Heavy doom to a tarry sludge. From post-rock spaces to shoegaze depression. Down the road, go for the black frost. A convoluted proclamation of the verse of noise aggression.

Radio Afera - Ścisły post. Mo, 07.11.16 - fragment

Doomed & Stoned - The Doom Chart Countdown!

Koncert w Trójce poswiecony Obywatelowi G. C.

Plebiscyt na utwory The Cure. Miejsca 1-8

Plebiscyt na utwory The Cure. Miejsca 9-15

Trójka - Depeche Mode - Spirit 1 - 18.03.17

Trójka - Depeche Mode - Spirit 2 - 18.03.17

Nawiedzone studio - Radio Afera

The attractiveness of the haunted Studio lies in the presentation of rock, both the most recent and the slightly older, up to the prehistory. A large fan, however, always on a certain condition: only compositions liked by the author or liked even more by him are involved.

Nawiedzone studio, 30.04.17

Nawiedzone studio, 23.04.17

Nawiedzone studio, 17.04.17

Nawiedzone studio, 09.04.17

Live in Concert

The Damned - Live Berlin 2016

PIXIES - Live in Berlin 2016

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Rock am Ring 2016

The Ex - Grrrnd Zero 19.12.2009